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Tegenungan waterfall 
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Anonymous: Do you have a ball date?

It’s in march so no haha

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i was on someones blog and some of the pictures weren’t loading properly and these two actually ended up looking pretty sick

Conservation photographer Thomas Peschak shares his thoughts on co-existing with sharks and photographing the powerful animals.
Photograph by Thomas Peschak

Anonymous: You always Reblog really late

I’m pretty sure I have a sleeping disorder haha I get all my energy at night and feel tired during the day.. I also queue post sometimes :)

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Anonymous: What do you want to do in the future (like job-wise) xxx

I want to design my own clothing/bikini label similar to tigerlily so like a casual kinda of surf/boho style but not the same because that’s pointless! and Once I get richer open an organic cafe/gallery/ boutique so I stock my own clothes and some other brands and can sell my own and local artwork & photography etc :) the cafe would be decked out with couches and pillows so people can chill out. and if I get any richer I would like to open three more shops one down south, one in Byron and one in Bali :) xx

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Anonymous: You are so pretty and have the best personality just so chilled and down to earth

You’re so sweet xx

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Anonymous: you are just perfect

thank you but again how is this so?

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Anonymous: you are a rare specimen

oh really how is this so?

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Solo sesh in New Zealand